To Sikhism, religion and God is not an abstract idea, or an ideology. Rather, He is to be experienced, loved and lived with. It is a way of life.

1. Naam Japna: To ever be conscious of the Lord in every moment, to remember, eulogize and resonate with the sweet Omnipresent One (to be Reality-conscious); for in so doing, we gradually habitually inculcate His Virtues in us and become like Him.

2. Kirat Karna: To work with honest labour, not to dupe and cheat others. Dignity is in working, in being socially responsible, and not to incline towards escapism in any form, especially in the form of asceticism.

3. Wand Chhakna: To share the earnings of one’s honest labour with the underprivileged (because giving is the sign of God and He is most prominent among the poor), this further bonds humanity as children of the same Father,  our Lord. To serve the Creator via His Creation.