The Committee is privileged to be of Sewa (service) at the Guru’s Door to the Guru Sangat (Holy Congregation). Kindly contact us for more information (email:

1. Mr. Gurmeet Singh (Mukh Sewadaar) [Tel/What’s App] +66 (0)81-891-2213
2. Mrs. Sabeena Kaur Sethi [Tel/What’s App] +66 (0)81-899-0939
3. Mrs. Aranya Kaur Sachdev [Tel/What’s App] +66 (0)89-874-5299
4. Mr. Rajbir Singh [Tel/What’s App] +66 (0)81-498-5915
5. Mr. Prabhsharan Singh [Tel] +66 (0)89-6194629

For Anand Karaj or Wedding, kindly contact the Committee directly.