Sikhs arrived in Phuket about almost a century now. The first wave that came were those that worked under the British Army who employed them in Tin-mining when the business was booming back then. Some Sikhs also worked at the provincial court, as mediator and translator and purchased a big plot of land. The first Gurdwara was built by their own hands, a structure made of wood.

Later, it was reinforced with concrete. And, in 2001, a final renovation was made where the whole structure was rebuilt into a three-storey building. The second wave of Sikhs that arrived in Phuket were all business Sikhs. Most of them were born in Thailand and most of their relatives are in Thailand. Currently there are about 40 families in Phuket well into their second and third generation. There are also very very few new arrivals from India come to find work in the tourist business.